About this Site

I am well aware that the front-end of this website is pretty basic and rather bland but it is a work in progress and I would honestly rather write code than copy. Maybe one day I'll focus on both or figure out how to merge the two but this is really just a convenient placeholder for my resume and serves as my containerized Laravel playground with security controls and tools that I find interesting, baked right into it. There is much more going on behind the scenes but an authorized account is required to access those goodies.

Questions? Comments? Looking for help? Just want to say, Hey? Hit up my contact page.

I once built a GeoCity on Rock-and-Roll. This website however, was built with metal and a smattering of the following technology:

The Site & Web Application

Built with Laravel
PHP application framework including TailwindCSS, AlpineJS and LiveWire to provide the TALL stack!
OWASP-ZAP application security scanner
Zed Attack Proxy
Containerized web application vulnerability scanning provided by OWASP-ZAP!
Built with Podman Rootless Linux Containers
Built and run using rootless, non-root Podman Linux containers!
Snyk container vulnerability scanner
Podman container image vulnerability scanning with Snyk!